Presentation of the company and services offered

The Centrale Visa Congo is an intermediary between the Congolese Consular Services and the general public.

The Centrale allows Congolese citizens to submit administrative documents from the comfort of their home, at a lower cost and all without having to wait in long queues.
The Centrale also proposes a visa service for foreign citizens.

Our website provides information on the formalities and procedures to be followed in order to obtain your documents.

The Centrale takes all of the necessary measures to protect all personal data provided by applicants and guarantees the privacy of all received documents.

In its role as an intermediary, the CVC does not participate in the approval of the request nor in the issuing of the visa; it is the Consulate of Congo who decides which visas and other administrative documents are approved.

Our Services

Travel Identity Card, Tourist Visa, An Attestation de depot, Power of Attorney,
A Certificate of life and financial support, Certificate of Presence, Marriage Documents,
Discharge/Signature, A full copy of the birth Cerficaficate, Extension of passeport,
Consular Card, Business Visa, Diverse Certificates, Certificate of Congolese Nationality,
Birth Certificate.

This section contains all the documents provided by CVC.
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